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rebecca-minkoff-nyc-store.jpgOur hearts were sent aflutter when we heard the news that one of our fave handbag designers is set to open her own retail store. At a panel of New York-based designers hosted byFashionista.com Monday night, Rebecca Minkoff revealed that she's been looking for the right place for the brand to callhome sweet home. In addition to her eponymous handbag, accessories, and, most recently, apparel lines, she'll play curator as well, stocking "things I love that I find on my travels." Though she'd fit right in on Bleecker Street (home of Marc Jacobs' retail empire), she expressed a desire to be a little unconventional in choosing a store location. We'd love it if she set up shop near our Lower East Side dig (though our bank account probably wouldn't), gave a little love to Williamsburg, or even headed uptown to Harlem. In the meantime, we might just have to tide ourselves over with one of the designer's classy little clutches...it's the holidays, right?