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"Off Page" SEO refers to the text and "inbound" linking from OTHER web site pages to your web site pages. This is a much more difficult if not impossible factor to completely control.

Off Page Search Engine Optimization has been become probably the most important factor in how your site ranks. The internet and world wide web continues to grow and grow at an enourmous rate. Pages of similar topic obviously arise. There might be 100 million web pages on the topic of baseball or 100 million web sites on the topic of web site design and search engine programming. Because of this enormously large database of similar content, search engines began focusing on off page factors in determining relavancy of search results.

Off Page Factors:
Off Page Factors are factors outside of your normal control of the content of your site. They are often referred to by search engine optimization experts as the "inbound links" your site receives from OTHER websites. It is almost like a popularity contest in that search engines factor in how many other websites have visited your site, thought the information was relevant to their site and "linked to you" .

For example say an ecommerce catalog site sold golf clubs on an online shoppin site Bob's Golf Shop, and a well regarded Golf magazine website "linked" to you as "Bob's Golf Shop".

Well Search engines analyze the site that linked to you, AND the "link text" that was linked to you. Be careful though because one to many links of a repeated phrase and search engines will penalyze you and it can conversely reduce your ranking.
Techniques to Avoid:
There are some Off Page SEO techniques used by search engine optimization companies that should be avoided. Using these techniques may result in your site being penalized and or banned.
Negative Off Page Techniques May Include:
  • Avoid using "Free - For - All" link directories , Link Farms, or any other type of directory or service that provides unedited and unverified links. These are frowned upon by search engines.
  • Do not spam your link on any blog, guestbook, feedback page, or any way to artificially insert your site URL links in any way that hurts the content and disrupts the service of another website. For example you "Spam" your website URL on a guestbook of someone elses homepage. This type of spamming technique not only will likely get your site penalized and banned by search engines, but also disrupts the websites of others. 
  • Avoid excessive "cross linking" of your own websites to inflate your inbound links. Cross linking multiple sites you have is many times a natural means to serve the visitor relevant content. However excessively cross linking to duplicate content of your own will likely result in your site being penalized.

In Summary "Off Page" SEO is an important factor and combined with On page SEO determines your rank in search engine placement and rank. To Build Off Page relavancy you need to examine your inbound link structre and build an effective in bound linking management system.

Achieving top ranking is a daunting task, if you are a do-it your self kinda person, thats fine and we wish you luck. Of course we recommend you consult with one of our seo consultants to evaluate your website and provide a professional suite of SEO Services.