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dash-boutique-kardashians-nyc.jpgWe told you back in August that that Kardashians were planning to open up a store in NYC, and we now know where it is, thanks to the super-sleuths over at Racked. Kim and Kourtney are opening up Dash, their mini-chainlet (there's already locations in LA and Miami) on 119 Spring Street in SoHo, embarrassingly near the re-vamped Chanel store. The K-dashes will, but of course, be recording the opening for a new reality series that will also center around Kim being single and Kourtney's baby with d-bag Scott Disick. Racked speculates that the shop, in the former Eleanor Ettinger Gallery space, will open in three months, when they end filming (and Kanye inexplicably stopped by to peep t t). On top at the boutique will be—wait for it—Disick's new clothing line, which Us Weekly says channels some fashion heavy-hitters, as it's "inspired by the looks of Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford." Be very, very afraid—we imagine it will look something like this or this.